Alan Humphries

Alan lives in Southwick and has been a member of Shoreham Gallery from day one.

All his photos are taken on a digital SLR camera and although the digital age allows us to manipulate our photos in computer programs Alan still likes to get his photos right while taking the picture.

His main subject matter is landscapes and seascapes. Alan has also been commissioned to carry out landscape shoots on many different subjects including aircraft, dogs, ships, hotels, restaurants, live bands and two helicopter shoots for Parker Steel of their depot on Shoreham Harbour. He is the volunteer photographer for Newhaven Lifeboat and supplies Shoreham Port with photos and although it sometimes gets a little rough out on the life boat or pilot boat it's a bit of a rush even if you feel queasy!

Alan also sells old black and white pictures of Shoreham and Southwick from his personal collection they are available to purchase in the gallery.

Email    Mobile 07710577200.