Bebe Bird

Bebe studied ceramics at Brighton Art College where she gained a BA Hons degree. She doesn't know how, as most of her time was spent in the grounds building a huge outdoor kiln and many late evenings playing with fire. On one occasion the fire brigade came to hose her down!  Bebe knew she wanted to have her own workshop so she set out to find out as much as she could during those 3 years including building her own wheel and kiln.

Gardening is her passion so much of her early work was inspired by the things she grew.  Nature remains a major source of inspiration for her; combining elements from landscapes and objects found, simplifying and transforming the initial idea through the creative process, into something new.

Hand building is her preferred method for creating sculptural pieces often using plaster moulds to help with the initial forms. Her wheel thrown tableware tends to consist of 'one-offs', thrown in small batches and glazed in an assortment of colours. These are all dishwasher safe.

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