Ember Vincent

Ember's love of ceramics began twenty years ago with explorations into primitive firings and archaeological finds. Her work focuses on the Raku method of firing, where ceramic pieces are heated until red hot in an outdoor kiln, then plunged into sawdust, creating unique and unpredictable surface effects. Although her main material is clay, she recently returned to education, gaining a First in 3D Design and Craft, with the intention of incorporating metals such as silver, pewter and copper into her work.

After a trip to Japan to research the origins of Raku, her most recent work is influenced by Japanese Tea Bowls and by the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi: that beauty can be found in imperfection. This leads her to make pieces that are sculptural, elemental and diverse.

Website: www.evincentceramics.co.uk     Email: ember.vincent@evincentceramics.co.uk
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