Georgie Major

Georgie has been dabbling in the creative world for a number of years now and has finally given in to her friends prods, or should I say kicks, to get her jewellery and artwork exhibited.

Mostly self taught, she has always been obsessed with the patterns and flowing forms in nature and would spend hours drooling over a dead leaf trying to capture the intricate delicacy of the folds and entwined veins. Her work is predominantly ink and pencil but occasionally she lets go and goes for it in acrylics or oils to create abstract flora and fauna images.

The jewellery also takes on a delicate, flowing theme and allows her to use the much loved natural gemstones she's always had a passion for and collected from an early age. Working with these, Swarovski crystals and various metals she creates unique handmade designs.

She hopes that you'll enjoy seeing her work evolve in the Shoreham Gallery.