Vanessa reynolds

Vanessa has been painting as a pastime for over 30 years whilst teaching art as a profession. 

She has been captivated by the landscape and seascape in Susses and her latest body of work has tried to capture the vibrant colours of the sun lit hills and valleys of the South Downs this summer - "Walks with Owen"

In her previous teaching post at a Hampshire sixth form college, she took students to Nakuru in Kenya, to live and work with the children of the slum schools and orphanages. Vanessa used the opportunity to do some paintings of this trip capturing the poverty, beauty and the resilience of the people.

Vanessa was selected to be a contestant on Sky Arts Landscape artist of the year in June. The episode has just been shown on Sky Arts and is available via Sky catchup (episode 2, South Gare).

Vanessa also paints animal portraits on commission. She paints with acrylics or oils and also produces multimedia images of wild plants and hedgerows using a combination of paint, print and stitching.