Wendy Standen

Wendy has always been energised by art and all creative. She was fortunate to gain entrance to Newton Park College in Bath, with a brilliant Art Department and trained initially as a Teacher.

Creativity is great as a teacher, and being in charge of Art in the schools where she taught, meant Wendy got to learn lots of arty crafty skills to share with the children, covering everything from drawing and painting to printing, sculpture and pottery, graphic design and Design Technology.

Wendy has also written and illustrated 8 Special Needs maths books and illustrated Flutewise Magazine (for young Flautists) for over 20 years. She hand builds ceramics and sculptural forms.  Life drawing classes led her to the use of pastels and when she found that drawing the faces was occupying her mind, she turned to portraits, both Animal and Human.

Website: www.wendystanden.co.uk